Day 30

Your life story in three words.

Not too shabby. 

Day 29

Would you rather be cold or hot? Why?

Cold. Easier to make yourself warm than cool down. I also hate heat. Residual from childhood on the hot, humid Gulf Coast. Never again.

Day 28

Describe the person who is physically closest to you right now.

He’s 6’2” or so. Thin. Dark blond hair. Blue eyes. Often mistaken for German when we’re traveling in Europe. People will walk up to him and just start speaking der Deutsch. 

Day 27

Three sites you have bookmarked and why.

I have so many bookmarks and subdivisions of bookmarks that I can’t begin to narrow them down to three. Mostly I bookmark anything I find interesting so I can take advantage of the address bar autocomplete feature to revisit the site. Instead, I’ll do the three pages I leave open by default on the iPad.

1. NYTimes. Go to source for news and filling a couple of moments of boredom. I’m not happy about digital subscriptions though so we’ll see what happens after tomorrow.

2. SFGate. Same as above but for local angles. Probably hit it 50 percent as much as the nytimes.

3. Google Reader. My RSS client of choice. Mainly because the NetNewsWire iapps suck unbelievably. Why Google can keep track of which feeds I’ve read regardless of which devices I use to access and NetNewsWire can’t even with its own software, I’ll never understand.

Day 26

What is guaranteed to make you mad?

Sloppy, clueless drivers. The kind who never signal or worse, turn on their left turn signal after the light has turned green and I’m already stuck behind them. Or those who pay as much attention to their phones as the car. For some reason, they’re out in larger concentrations in the mornings than the evenings. 

Day 25

Favorite holiday and why.

Probably New Years Day. Not the Eve. The day typically has a nice relaxed feel. And it’s free of religious overtones.

Day 24

What movie would you chose to live in?

I kind of did already.

Day 23

Pet peeves.

Not caring enough to get your/you’re or it’s/its right. (I actually have a good way to avoid. Remind me to explain in class.)

Distracted drivers. I know, borders on cliche. Still I find myself stuck behind dawdlers most mornings. Hang up the phone. Stop texting. It’s amazing how driving the speed limit improves traffic flow.

People who ask questions during movies. My mother drives me batty by asking who is that when a new character shows up—not stopping to think that everyone else in the room is probably watching it for the first time also.

Day 22

Describe the last picture you shot.

The view of Austurvöllur Square from our Reykjavik hotel room. There’s a thin layer of snow on the ground so the dark areas of the shoveled sidewalk standout. 

Day 21

Three things that cross your mind of late

1. Why does it seem that every other flight or so, I get stuck next to a size XXL who overflows into my seat? When you can’t put the armrest down, you probably should pay for a second one.

2. War. If any place deserves intervention, Libya unquestionably does. But I have to wonder if we  should be wading into a third war before the other two get wrapped up.

3. Radiation from Japan and history. I am gobsmacked by reports that Americans rushed to buy iodine pills after the Japanese earthquake. Did no one consider the lessons of history? We released much larger amounts of radiation over Japan in 1945 yet it didn’t affect us. Why is it any different some 66 years later?

Day 20

What do you regret?

Letting myself get so busy packing that I forgot to post this until it’s technically tomorrow.

Day 19

Five things always in your refrigerator.

1. White Wine
2. Assorted salad greens
3. Dressing for same
4. Cheese
5. Cold air

Day 18

Where do you typically get news? Why? It’s the standard other American papers are measured against. I picked up the Times habit when I lived in New York. The habit continued after the move west. Only dropped the paper subscription years after the website debuted when I realized they just piled up behind the couch all week unread. I am quite cranky about the digital subscription plan announced this week. 

KQED Typically listen while driving. I prefer it because of all the stereotypes that the right wings has tossed out lately. 

Local, morning TV As I noted down below, we use the TV as insurance that we won’t fall asleep again after the alarm sounds. The inane patter of the local anchors and endless repetition never fails to get us out of bed-if only  to get out of earshot. 

The Daily Show Yeah, I know it’s a send up of news shows. Still, it’s a testament to how far off the rails TV news is that this parody often delivers more news than the supposed real shows. 

Day 17

Your favorite childhood memory.

I took my first plane flight when I was 10. We flew from Houston to Lubbock on a housing hunting trip. I thought it was so exciting. Seemed very adult. Probably because I had grown up hearing about flying. My dad made frequent business trips while my mom had been a stewardess for Eastern in her wild, single days. Anyway, the flight itself was utterly normal. The part that really struck me was that sensation of climbing and descending. I’d never experienced anything quite like it. In fact, I distinctly remember being in the hotel bed later that night in, little brother next to me, and feeling that sensation again—up, down, up, down, up, down. I fell asleep incredibly happy. 

Day 16

Describe each piece of visible clothing you’re wearing right now.

Black short sleeve t-shirt from American Apparel. Firefox Flicks 2006 graphics on the front left breast and across the back. Very comfy shirt but seriously ugly graphics so I only wear it at home, generally in the evenings.

Gray polar fleece pants. Very loungey. Elastic waist and loose enough to allow ease of movement but tapered legs so there’s not much excess material flopping around the ankles. Again not exactly lookers so pretty much confined to at-home wear. Though they are so toasty I’ve wondered why no one has ever done five-pocket jeans in polar fleece.